I am changing my mind…set!

In recent years, I have become aware of how much of the conditioning I had been programmed to live by from my youth has held me back from achieving the financial freedom I know I have been capable of achieving and maintaining, as well as keeping me in a cloud of self-doubt and even self-sabotage, at times.

It has not been easy to admit to, and for a long time, I resisted and held on to those limiting beliefs with all I had. After all, it was all I knew for many years and many of the people around me had taught me these beliefs so they reaffirmed these limiting beliefs that held us all back in a sort of “It is Known” kind of way.


And, I let it hold me back for a very long time. Admittedly, even now, I sometimes have moments where I feel the struggle within my mind to go back to that, but I am beginning to see more and more proof of how these beliefs I held to were just that, beliefs, and that I am truly capable of great things with the realizations I have recently had about the world we live in.

I am on a journey to understand more of how it works so that I may not just survive, but THRIVE, and I will share what I learn with you so that you, too, may rise!!


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